Die Alphorngruppe Magden

The alphorn group Magden was founded in 1997 in Magden.

The management is headed by Robi Blumer, course instructor and alpine teacher since 2002.

The group is a member of Alphornvreinigung Nordwestschweiz. We regularly participate in race bubbles.

The group works without statutes and board. The common joy of the alphorn music makes this simple organization possible.

Today, in the alphorn group Magden play 6 men. They occur about 15 times a year, as a group or in small pieces (mostly as Alphorntrio). These performances are usually played in the key of Fis with 3.36-meter-long alphorns.

Magden is located in northwestern Switzerland, next to Rheinfelden and Ca. 20 km outside Basel near the Rhein.

Much worth knowing and detailed information about the Alphurn and its history can be found on the pages of Hans-Jürg Sommer.